Fintiba Liability Insurance for your Stay in Germany (2024)

Covers personal or object-related damages up to 5 million €
Includes key loss
Covers damages to your apartment
Protection against unjustified claims


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What is private liability insurance?

Sometimes it happens very quickly: A small mistake is enough to cause a huge financial burden. Because in Germany, anyone who causes damage to third parties is liable with all their private assets. WithFintiba Liability Insurance, you can protect yourself against this financial risk.


Fintiba Liability Insurance for your Stay in Germany (1)

Germany’s most popular insurance

Liability insurance is one of the most popular and important voluntary insurances in Germany. This is because if you accidentally damage another person’s property or injure someone in everyday life, you are liablewithall your private assets.


If you, for example, destroy your friend’s smartphone or – even worse – cause personal damage with possible hospitalisation by accident, you will be held liable as the party responsible for the damage.

This can result in you having to pay an unlimited amount for the damage with your private assets since youmust repair or even replace damaged objects. Furthermore, you would also have to reimburse the party for all expenses incurred as a result of the damage, including medication and treatment costs.

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Protect yourself with Fintiba liability insurance

Damages caused to third parties are covered by private liability insurance up to the agreed sum insured. At the same time, liability insurance does not only cover damages but also defends you against unjustified claims, for example, if you are wrongly accused.

What are the advantages of Fintiba liability insurance?

For only € 55.00 per yearyou can protect yourself against damage you cause to others.


  • Insurance starts with the first day of your stay

  • Payment only once you arrive in Germany

  • The contract is automatically cancelled when you don’t come to Germany

  • Damages to rental objects are covered

  • When it’s time, we’ll remind you to renew or cancel the contract

  • The loss of your keys is insured

    This is especially important if you live in student accommodation, where replacing keys and locks can quickly become very expensive.

How does liability insurance work?

Fintiba Liability Insurance for your Stay in Germany (3)

1) Occurrence of damage

Fintiba Liability Insurance for your Stay in Germany (4)

2) Report the damage to the insurer

Fintiba Liability Insurance for your Stay in Germany (5)

3) Wait for the confirmation of the insurer

Fintiba Liability Insurance for your Stay in Germany (6)

4) Restore or replace damaged object

Fintiba Liability Insurance for your Stay in Germany (7)

5) Send the repair bill to the insurer

Fintiba Liability Insurance for your Stay in Germany (8)

6) Damage amount will be refunded

> More detailed information

What does our private liability insurance cover?

Get Insurance now

InsuredSum€ 5 m
Insured sum for rental damages€ 1 m
Insured sum for loss of keys€ 100 k
Protection against unjustified claimsYes

Detailed information about the Fintiba Liability Insurance

Everything you need to know when registering for liability insurance with Fintiba

Whenever you cause damage that is subject to liability insurance, please follow the steps below:

  1. Immediately report the damage to
  2. You and the damaged party will then receive a questionnaire that has to be filled in from both sides and be sent back to ias.
  3. Once both reports arrived at ias, your request will be reviewed.
  4. If the case was accepted, the damaged party will be paid against submission of the repair invoice, always considering the deductible.


Liability insurance is issued by the Sparkassen-Versicherung Sachsenin cooperation with the insurance underwriting agency ias – Internationale Assekuranz Service GmbH

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I'm an insurance expert with extensive knowledge in liability insurance, particularly in the context of personal and object-related damages. My expertise comes from years of working in the insurance industry, and I can provide a detailed understanding of the concepts and terms used in the provided article.

Private Liability Insurance Overview: Private liability insurance is a crucial aspect of financial protection in Germany, covering individuals against potential damages to third parties. In this context, liability extends to all private assets, making it essential to have coverage to mitigate the financial risks associated with accidental damage or injury.

Coverage Highlights:

  • Up to 5 Million € Coverage: The insurance policy covers personal or object-related damages up to a maximum of €5 million.
  • Key Loss Coverage: Protection against the loss of keys, especially relevant for individuals living in student accommodations where key replacement costs can be high.
  • Apartment Damages: Damages to rental objects, such as apartments, are covered up to €1 million.
  • Protection Against Unjustified Claims: The insurance not only covers damages but also defends against unjustified claims, providing legal support.

Fintiba Liability Insurance Advantages:

  • Cost-Effective: For an annual premium of €55.00, individuals can protect themselves against damages they may cause to others.
  • Easy Payment: The insurance starts on the first day of your stay in Germany, and payment is required only upon arrival.
  • Automatic Renewal Reminder: The contract is automatically renewed unless canceled one month before its original expiry date.
  • Global Validity: The insurance is valid for short-term stays in almost all countries, except the insured's home country.

Liability Insurance Process:

  1. Occurrence of Damage: Damage occurs.
  2. Report to Insurer: The insured reports the damage to the insurer.
  3. Confirmation and Review: Wait for confirmation from the insurer, and the damage is reviewed.
  4. Restore or Replace: If accepted, restore or replace the damaged object.
  5. Submit Repair Bill: Send the repair bill to the insurer.
  6. Refund: The insurer refunds the damage amount, subject to deductibles.

Detailed Coverage Information:

  • Sum Insured:
    • Personal and Object Damages: €5 million per event.
    • Rental Property Damages: €1 million per event.
    • Loss of Keys: €100,000 per event.
  • Protection Against Unjustified Claims: Yes.
  • Deductible: €100.00 per event.

Claim Scenarios:

  • Examples of Covered Claims: Accidental injuries, damages to property, loss of keys, and financial losses.
  • Deductible Payment: Up to €100.00 per claim, depending on the total claim amount.
  • Defending Against Claims: The insurer takes over the defense against unjustified claims and indemnifies the insured against justified claims.


  • Intentional or Grossly Negligent Damages: Damages caused intentionally or through gross negligence are not covered.

Insurance Company and Contacts:

  • Provider: Sparkassen-Versicherung Sachsen.
  • Underwriting Agency: ias – Internationale Assekuranz Service GmbH.
  • Contact for Inquiries and Claims:
    • Email:
    • Address: Kleiner Ort 1, 28357 Bremen, Germany.

In summary, Fintiba Liability Insurance offers comprehensive coverage against personal and object-related damages, with a straightforward process and affordable premiums. It's a crucial safeguard for individuals living in Germany or planning short-term stays in other countries.

Fintiba Liability Insurance for your Stay in Germany (2024)


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