Beauty & Bodywork Esthetician Insurance Review (2024)

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Beauty & Bodywork Esthetician Insurance Review (1)

Our Take

Beauty & Bodywork Insurance (BBI) offers the basic coverages you need to run an esthetician business at one of the most affordable rates in the industry. In addition, the company offers several endorsem*nts to customize your policy. However, you can’t get workers' compensation, business income, or commercial auto coverage from the company, and business personal property coverage is limited. For this reason, BBI is best-suited for solo estheticians who don’t travel between clients.

  • Pros & Cons
  • Company Overview

Pros & Cons


  • Most affordable annual policy of the top insurers reviewed

  • Superior financial strength ratings

  • A variety of endorsem*nts available


  • Doesn’t offer workers' compensation or commercial auto

  • Claims-made coverage

Company Overview

Beauty & Bodywork Insurance offers some of the lowest prices in the industry for esthetician insurance. The company is headquartered in Pleasant Grove, Utah, and is licensed in all 50 states. BBI manages tens of thousands of small business insurance accounts across the country. Insurance policies from BBI are administered by Veracity Insurance Solutions and are underwritten by Great American Insurance Group.

  • Kinds of PoliciesOne policy includes: General liability, professional liability, product liability, and rental property damage coverage
  • Payment OptionsCredit/debit card
  • Customer ServiceEmail: Phone: 877-536-7290
  • Official Website

Table of Contents

Beauty & Bodywork Esthetician Insurance Review

  • Pros Explained

  • Cons Explained

  • Complaint Index

  • Third-Party Ratings

  • Competition

  • Policies Available

  • Available Riders

  • Customer Service

  • Price

  • Methodology

Pros Explained

  • Most affordable annual policy of the top insurers reviewed: An esthetician liability insurance policy from Beauty & Bodywork costs just $96 annually for professionals and $67 for students, making it our pick for cheapest provider in our review of the best esthetician insurance companies of 2022.
  • Superior financial strength ratings: BBI received an A+ (Superior) Financial Strength Rating from AM Best, the second highest grade.
  • A variety of endorsem*nts available: BBI lets you add low-cost endorsem*nts for additional modalities or additional insureds to customize your policy.

Cons Explained

  • Doesn’t offer worker’s compensation or commercial auto: Estheticians seeking coverage for employees or vehicles as part of a packaged policy will need to consider a different insurance provider.
  • Claims-made coverage: The BBI policy is claims-made, meaning the policy will need to be in effect at the time of a claim in order for it to be covered (even if the incident occurred while you were covered previously).

The industry-preferred form of coverage is occurrence form rather than claims-made, since lawsuits can be brought long after an incident occurs. While coverage from BBI is more affordable, it is claims-made only. You may want to keep your policy active for a couple years after you stop working to ensure you remain covered.

Complaint Index

Great American Insurance, the underwriter for BBI, received far fewer complaints with the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) than expected based on the provider’s market share. Each year, the NAIC reports a complaint index for every insurer that shows the number of complaints received from consumers relative to the company’s size. An index of 1.00 is average, while an index of less than 1.00 is ideal. Over the last three years, the average complaint index for Great American Insurance Company has been just 0.18. That bodes well for the company’s customer satisfaction.

Third-Party Ratings

Great American Insurance Company also gets high marks for financial stability from well-respected credit rating agency AM Best. AM Best ratings are important because they indicate the likelihood that an insurer will be able to meet its financial obligations, or pay claims to policyholders. We typically only recommend companies that score in the “A” bracket for this reason. Fortunately, Great American Insurance Company holds an A+ Financial Strength Grade with AM Best, which is the second-highest available rating.


Beauty & Bodywork InsuranceNACAMSASCP
Types of CoverageGeneral liability, professional liability, and rental property damage coverage (plus limited business personal property insurance)Professional liability, general liability, rental damage coverage, identity protection, and stolen equipment coverageProfessional liability, general liability, and business personal property insurance
Online ApplicationYesYesYes
AM Best RatingA+A+A-
NAIC Complaint Index (Three-Year Average)

A low NAIC index indicates a company received fewer consumer complaints than expected for its size.

Policies Available

Beauty & Bodywork Insurance offers a single liability insurance policy that provides multiple types of coverage for estheticians.

Esthetician Insurance Policy

The esthetician insurance policy from Beauty & Bodywork includes $2 million per occurrence for general liability and professional liability claims. These coverages help pay for legal fees and judgments against you in the event a client claims that your services result in injury or financial loss. The aggregate is $3 million for general and professional liability, and $3 million for product liability. The policy also includes $300,000 in coverage for damage to rental property premises. Personal and advertising injury coverage is also included.

Available Riders

Beauty & Bodywork Insurance offers several add-ons that can help customize your coverage to include different modalities or additional insureds. You’ll be able to add these coverages during checkout.

Tools and Equipment Coverage

For $13, you can add tools and equipment coverage for stolen or damaged business equipment.

Acupuncture Endorsem*nt

The acupuncture endorsem*nt costs an additional $499 annually and extends your liability coverage to include acupuncture services.

Cupping Endorsem*nt

If you perform dry cupping services, you’ll need to add this endorsem*nt to ensure you’re covered. It costs $35.

Microcurrent Endorsem*nt

Estheticians who perform microcurrent services can add this endorsem*nt for $35.

Fitness Trainer Endorsem*nt

If you’re an esthetician who also offers personal training services, you can cover that aspect of your business with the fitness trainer endorsem*nt, which costs $33 annually.

Cyber Liability Insurance

For $79 annually, you can purchase cyber liability insurance to protect yourself against lawsuits related to data breaches on your business website.

Additional Insureds

You can opt to add two additional insureds for just $15 each or get unlimited additional insureds for $30 per year.

Before you proceed with adding endorsem*nts, compare the cost with a more comprehensive policy. While BBI offers the most affordable liability policy at the base price, adding endorsem*nts can get expensive.

Customer Service

BBI maintains customer service hours between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. Mountain Time on weekdays. You can call 877-536-7290 to reach the company, or email at any time. You’ll also have 24/7 access to your policy documents through the online portal.


The esthetician insurance policy from Beauty & Bodywork costs just $96 annually for professionals and $67 per year for students. The policy covers a variety of modalities nationwide. BBI also offers several endorsem*nts for excluded modalities at an additional cost.

Is Beauty & Bodywork Esthetician Insurance Right for Me?

If you’re looking for a low-cost policy that provides adequate basic coverage, Beauty & Bodywork Insurance may be a good choice. The company is highly reputable with superior financial strength and a good record of customer satisfaction. Plus, you can get a policy for under $100 annually. However, if you need insurance for employees or business vehicles, or you’re looking for higher limits on tools and equipment coverage, BBI won’t offer the coverage you need.

Our Methodology: How We Review Esthetician Insurance Carriers

To determine the best insurance companies for estheticians, we collected 20 data points on the top esthetician insurance companies by premium. These data points include:

  • Financial strength
  • Cost
  • Policy types and features
  • Exclusions
  • Consumer complaints
  • Online tools
  • Billing options
  • Coverage limits

We gave preference to companies with top ratings from AM Best, a low rate of customer complaints, and those that offer coverage based on the date of the occurrence as opposed to when the claim was made. Companies with high aggregate coverage limits, monthly billing, low premiums, online purchase options, and those that offer property coverage got ratings boosts. To rank the companies we researched, we applied the following weights to each customer-focused category:

  • Types of coverage and features: 40%
  • Financial stability: 20%
  • Consumer complaints: 25%
  • Online purchase: 10%
  • Billing options: 5%

We delved further into product and company specifics to determine which companies were best for which types of consumers. Using this research, we determined which companies offer the best esthetician insurance.

Article Sources

Investopedia requires writers to use primary sources to support their work. These include white papers, government data, original reporting, and interviews with industry experts. We also reference original research from other reputable publishers where appropriate. You can learn more about the standards we follow in producing accurate, unbiased content in oureditorial policy.

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As an insurance expert with extensive knowledge in the field, I can confidently analyze and provide insights into the information presented in the article about Beauty & Bodywork Esthetician Insurance. My expertise encompasses various aspects of insurance, including coverage types, policy structures, underwriting processes, and industry standards.

The article discusses Beauty & Bodywork Insurance (BBI) as an insurance provider for estheticians, focusing on the pros and cons, company overview, policies offered, available riders, customer service, pricing, and a methodology for evaluating esthetician insurance carriers. I'll break down the key concepts covered in the article:

  1. Pros Explained:

    • Most Affordable Annual Policy: BBI offers the most affordable annual policy among the top insurers reviewed, with a cost of $96 for professionals and $67 for students.
    • Superior Financial Strength Ratings: BBI received an A+ (Superior) Financial Strength Rating from AM Best, indicating a high likelihood of meeting financial obligations.
    • Variety of Endorsem*nts: BBI allows customization through low-cost endorsem*nts for additional modalities or insureds.
  2. Cons Explained:

    • Limitations on Coverage: BBI does not provide workers' compensation, business income, or commercial auto coverage. Business personal property coverage is also limited.
    • Claims-Made Coverage: BBI's policy is claims-made, which may require the policy to be in effect at the time of a claim. Occurrence form coverage is preferred in the industry for its broader scope.
  3. Complaint Index:

    • The article discusses the complaint index for Great American Insurance, the underwriter for BBI. The low complaint index of 0.18 over the last three years indicates high customer satisfaction.
  4. Third-Party Ratings:

    • BBI is underwritten by Great American Insurance Company, which holds an A+ Financial Strength Grade from AM Best, signifying strong financial stability.
  5. Competition:

    • The article compares BBI with other insurance providers, highlighting key factors such as coverage types, AM Best ratings, prices, and NAIC complaint indices.
  6. Policies Available:

    • BBI offers a single liability insurance policy covering general liability, professional liability, product liability, and rental property damage coverage.
  7. Available Riders:

    • BBI provides various add-ons (endorsem*nts) at additional costs, including tools and equipment coverage, acupuncture endorsem*nt, cupping endorsem*nt, microcurrent endorsem*nt, fitness trainer endorsem*nt, and cyber liability insurance.
  8. Customer Service:

    • BBI's customer service details are provided, including contact information and access to policy documents through an online portal.
  9. Price:

    • The cost of BBI's esthetician insurance policy is highlighted as a key factor, with annual premiums of $96 for professionals and $67 for students.
  10. Methodology:

    • The article outlines the methodology used to evaluate esthetician insurance carriers, considering factors such as financial strength, cost, policy types, consumer complaints, online tools, billing options, and coverage limits.

In summary, Beauty & Bodywork Esthetician Insurance is presented as a cost-effective option with strong financial backing, but limitations in coverage may make it more suitable for solo estheticians who don't require certain types of insurance. The article offers a comprehensive review, considering both the advantages and potential drawbacks of choosing BBI for esthetician insurance.

Beauty & Bodywork Esthetician Insurance Review (2024)


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