1968 jeepster commando for sale by owner - Stanwood, WA - craigslist (2024)

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’68 Jeepster Commando. $15,000 / offer. 50 miles north of Seattle

I have the clear title, in my name. All Pictures taken 3-weeks ago.

This is a mostly original, un-cut early Commando with the “Jeep” front end. I’ve put a lot of time and money into this Commando to make it easier to drive in today’s traffic. I have documentation/receipts for the work and parts (over 20K). I saved most original parts, which are included in the sale so you can return the Commando to stock, if that’s your wish. This Commando was originally a factory half-cab. I sold the half-cab top and bought/installed the full factory hard-top. It is removable for open air driving.

I have pictures of just about every nook and cranny on request. Serious buyers will just want to come look it over in-person. I’m happy to crawl all over/under it with interested parties.

How does it run? Great! Engine was rebuilt at some point before I bought it. Oil-pressure is a constant 40psi, Temp. gauge rarely exceeds 160-degrees. Upgraded DUI ignition system (HEI).

How does it stop? Great! I upgraded the front brakes from drums to disc, and I upgraded the entire manual braking system to vacuum assisted power brakes. It stops straight and with very little pressure on the pedal.

Any Rust? There are 3 small areas where filler is evident. The tailgate has Bondo, BUT, the Jeep will come with a (rust-free) replacement tailgate. I haven’t put it on, as I didn’t want to have to match the paint. The passenger front dog-leg shows signs of previous body work. A new replacement panel is available from Jeepsterman.com for $118.00. Finally, there’s a dime-sized bubble in the passenger-side front rocker panel. There is NO rust through to the inner rocker, and this would be a very simple repair. The frame is solid with no rust, the inner/outer fenders have no rust, the rear wheel arches and wheel wells have no rust. Floor pans are solid. Rear floor has some dents (no rust) from it’s pick-up days, but are solid, with no holes or rust. I do not have a back seat for the Commando. Under-carriage does have areas of surface rust, so when I say no rust, I’m talking about rust-through or structural compromising rust.

The glass is all good/intact. The windshield (original) is pretty pitted (no cracks), and should be replaced, but can be used as-is if you choose. I have a new windshield gasket to go with the sale. The headlamps, blinkers, and parking lights all work. Wipers have some kind of linkage issue, as the right wiper works, but not the left (driver’s-side) wiper.

Can I drive it home to Oregon, Alaska, the East Coast, or Bolivia? Here’s the deal, this is a stock 55 year-old Jeep. It doesn’t like extended 70mph cruising. It does great at 55mph. It does even better just cruising around country roads or up some logging road. I recommend you get it home, go through it (or have your mechanic go through it), and get used to how it runs, drives, shifts, stops, and sounds BEFORE you head out on a road-trip with it. I’ve been working on old Jeeps for 30 years, and this one runs great. I’ve driven it on many 40-50 mile day trips around my area, and trailered it to Moab, where it did great on a week’s worth of easy trails (about 200 miles worth). If it were me, I’d trailer/tow it home, especially if home includes hours of driving on I-5 at 70mph… but I’m a pretty paranoid guy, driving a 55 year old Commando, who doesn’t want to deal with a roadside breakdown 200 miles from home. It does come with a tow bar and magnetic trailing lights, so you have that option.

I’m happy to answer any questions I haven’t covered yet, just ask. But PLEASE, if you’re just curious, and have no intention of buying the Commando, I’d rather spend my time and energy getting pictures and answering questions from people who are serious about it.

I have boxes of spare parts, the service and parts manual, parts catalogs, etc. that will go with the Commando if you want them (5 original steel wheels, original carb. And oil-bath air cleaner, original distributor, etc.) Here’s the stuff I’ve done over the past 3 years that I have receipts for:
’68 Jeepster Commando

Stock 225 Dauntless odd-fire V-6, with the original drive-train (axles, transfer case, etc)

Stock 3-speed manual transmission (non-synchro 1st gear)

New battery in 2021

GM 1-wire alternator conversion

Manual Saginaw steering conversion with rebuild of all steering system components.

Front disc-brake conversion (Brennan’s Garage “Track-kick” components)

Power brake conversion: New vacuum booster, master cylinder, and pressure-regulating valve.

DUI brand (HEI) distributor & Live Wires. Original distributor/wires are included in sale.

Vintage-Air heater/defroster up-grade.

2-inch Jeepsterman lift kit (complete new leaf-springs, bushings, shackles, and shocks).

(5) New BFG KO2 tires (30”). 2 years old, with (maybe?) 600 miles on them.

Sound-deadening mat and carpet throughout interior floors.

New poly fuel tank, sending unit, fuel lines, and filter.

Un-cut body and dash.

Motorcraft carburetor/air-cleaner upgrade. Original carb and air-cleaner included in sale.

Both doors/windows and rear-hatch have new weather-seals.

Leather seats. The original seats/mounts are included with sale (they need reupholstering).

Swing-away spare-tire carrier.

1968 jeepster commando for sale by owner - Stanwood, WA - craigslist (2024)


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